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Related post: ZOl-AI Project Number page Summary 20- 1 00030-14 Antigen Recognition and Activation of Immuno- competent Cells. Paul 20-10 00035-07 Specificity in Immune Responses. Inman 20-11 00036-17 Immunoglobulin Genetics: Ontogeny and Differentia- tion of Cells of the Rabbit Immune System. Mage 20-12 00037-15 Immunogenetics of Mouse Immunoglobulins and Gene- tic Control of Antibody Response. Lieberman 20-13 00038-10 Structure and Activity Studies on Immunologi- cally Important Cells and Proteins. Waxdal 20-14 00040-08 Genetic Control of Immunocompetent Cell Inter- actions. Shevach 20-15 00147-07 The Mechanism of Activation of Buy Voltaren Emulgel Thymus-Derived Lymphocytes. Schwartz 20-16 00148-07 Lymphocyte Interactions, Receptors and Functions. Green 20-17 00223-01 Cellular Interactions in Voltaren Emulgel Uk the Immune Response. Schwartz 20-18 00224-01 Monoclonal Antibodies as Probes for Understand- ing Cell Activation. Shevach 20-19 00225-01 The Effects of Lymphokines on Non-Lymphoid Tissues. Green 20-20 00226-01 Rabbit Ig Allotypes: Structure, Voltaren Emulgel Cream Organization, and Regulated Expression of Ig Genes. Mage 20-21 00227-01 Biochemistry of Lymphocyte Activation. Waxdal 20-22 00228-01 Membrane Associated Glycoconjugates and Recep- tors as Differentiation Markers and Mediators of Cell-Cell Recognition and Communication. Waxdal 20-23 00229-01 Studies on Lymphocyte Differentiation. Davis 20-24 00259-01 la Molecules and Immune Response Genes. Paul 20-25 i PHS-NIH Summary Statement Office of the Chief Laboratory of Immunology October 1, 1981 through September 30, 1982 Introduction The Laboratory of Immunology is concerned with the elucidation of the fundamental mechanisms underlying immunologic responses. It has made Voltaren Emulgel Price rapid progress through the use of three new technologies which are creating a revolu- tion in immunologic sciences. These are the use of monoclonal antibodies, the adaptation of techniques of molecular genetics to immunologic problems, and the use of long-term lines of cloned normal and transformed lymphocytes. The continued use and improvement of these approaches should allow solution of many of the major problems which have concerned immunologists and should pro- vide important approaches to the more precise regulation of the normal and the disordered immune response. Identification of Genes Uniquely Expressed in Lymphocytes of Specific Differen- tiated States The phenotype of any individual cell depends upon those genes which Voltaren Emulgel Usa it has expressed. To a large extent, the differences in function and structure of two closely related cells are determined by the genes expressed in the mRNA of one cell but not another. Laboratory Voltaren Emulgel 20g of Immunology scientists have examined the expressed genetic differences in lymphoid cells of distinct differentiated states by preparing cDNA probes which hybridize specifically with mRNA of one but not another member of a pair of cells. For example, cDNA prepared from the mRNA of a B cell tumor was extensively hybridized with mRNA from a T cell tumor. The single stranded material represents a "B cell specific" probe (B -T); similarly, T^-B Voltaren Emulgel Canada and T,^-T probes have been prepared. Based on the hybridization kinetics of these probes, it has been estimated that B-T and T-B differences are '^-1.7-2.4% of the total mRNA and correspond to about 200 dis- tict genes expressed in one cell type but not the other. An analysis of the difference in expressed genes between a helper T cell hybridoma line and a sup- pressor T cell hybridoma line indicates that these differ from one another in about 0.3% of their expressed genes, corresponding to approximately 40 differ- ent genes. The number of these genes is sufficiently small that their isola- tion and characterization should be feasible. Selected cDNA's (B -T and T -B) have been cloned to prepare cell type-specific cDNA libraries. The availabil- ity of such libraries, coupled with specific probes, should greatly simplify the task of isolating each gene. Among the things such libraries have been used for thus far is to identify X chromosomal genes of the B -T or T -B type. This appeared particularly interesting because of the existence of multiple distinct human and mouse immunodeficiencies controlled by X chromosomal genes. One X chromosomal gene, Voltaren Emulgel 50g pTX-1 , identified in a T -B cDNA library, exists as a gene family. This cDNA hybridizes with 10 or 12 restriction fragments from the mouse X chromosome; pTX-1 appears to be expressed in T helper cells and not T suppressor cells. Due to the importance of gene families among other genetic systems involved in immune responses (i.e., immunoglobulins, Voltaren Emulgel 1.16 Class I MHC molecules, y-interferons) , this X chromosomal set of genes merits considerable attention; it may exert a critical role in lymphocyte differentiation (Davis, Cohen, Hedrick, Heber-Katz, Schwartz and Paul, LI/NIAID; Kim and Asofsky, LMI/ NIAID; Hansburg, LCB/NCI ; D'Eustachio, Yale University). 20-1 Cloning and Characterization of cDNA containing DNA Sequences for Rabbit k Light Chains and p Heavy Chains The understanding of the organization and regulation of expression of rab- bit immunoglobulin (Ig) genes may lead to important general Voltaren Emulgel 1 insights because of several very interesting features of rabbit Igs, including the expression of a^ locus allotypes Voltaren Emulgel Diclofenac Topical Gel on Igh-V regions, the phenomenon of hidden or latent allotypes and the capacity to Voltaren Emulgel 120g induce long-term allotype suppression. In order to realize
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